ESL Low Beginning Lesson Plan 2


Objectives Grammar Covered
  1. SWBAT describe work/school
  2. Ask for and give opinions
  3. Describe daily schedules
  1. What/Why/When/Where/How questions
  2. Time expressions
Print Set Up
  • Jobs vocab pictionary
  • Handout: 3 pages of schedule
  • Handout: I am a doctor
  • cut I am a doctor handout (1 set per pair)

Lesson Plan

Time (Min) Objective Procedure
15 Warm up page 114: stand up ask others different questions, write their answers.
10 Review HW Book: P 4 #5 B
P 5 #8 A, B, C
P 7 #12 A, B

P 5 #8 C - do students have questions?
If so, they mingle and ask questions to others.

Review reading - read out loud to class as they read along
Then they practice in pairs reading out loud
Pairs compare answers A, B
Class shares C together.
5 Accessing prior knowledge Pairs, list professions they know.
Give handout of professions, how many did they list that are on the handout? Do they have other jobs that are not on the handout?
10 Understand job vocabulary Drill pronunciation one by one of jobs.
SS in pairs ask "What does he do?" or "What's his job?" other answers.
Give feedback on article use and pronunciation.
5 Listening and speaking job vocabulary with verbs or taboo Pairs take cut up papers of profession sentences with verbs.
One ss reads one line on paper, other ss listens and must point to the profession on their vocabulary paper.
When finished, students mix papers again, and switch roles.
Give feedback on pronunciation.
alternative: student take a profession and must describe what the person does without using the name of the profession so others have to guess the job
10 Daily activities vocabulary Mime actions, students must provide verb.
Wake up
Get up
Leave for work/school
get home
stay up
have breakfast, lunch, dinner
First just mime actions and practice verbs.
After add specific times with blanks on the board.

Get up, I get up at 6:00 in the morning on weekdays.
On weekends, I get up around 8 in the morning.
Leave for work, I leave for work at 6:45 in the morning on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I go to work at 8:30 on Mondays.
Get home, I get home late/ at 9:30 at night on Mondays.
Get home, I get home after 9:00 pm on Mondays.
Go to bed, I go to bed around 11 pm.
I stay up until midnight on Saturdays.
I exercise before noon on Saturdays.
I get up early on Tuesdays.
5 Practice vocab and prepositions of time Each student writes their own habits.
10 Speaking practice Students ask each other questions

What time do you...?
When do you ...?
Students can use different verbs if they are familiar with them.
10 Clarification Give feedback on speech.
5 Homework HW P 8 #2
P 9 #3
P 12 # 9
P 13 #12
Write the habits of a family member.