Upper Beginner: Lesson Plan 2

Objectives Grammar
  1. Describe and talk about past experiences
  1. Present perfect compared to simple past
  2. already/yet
  3. for/since
Print Set Up
  • Song lyrics Brandy - Have you ever
  • Irregular verb list
  • qs past and perfect
  • Youtube Never have I ever Ellen with Johnny Depp and 2 others (link in lesson)
  • Index cards for all students
Time (Min) Objective Procedure
10 min Clarify past lesson Review homework
P 59 # 3
P 60 # 6
P 93 # 3 A, B
P 96-97 # 11 and # 12
10 min Practice using descriptions
from last lesson
and use "he's the man, he's the one"
On page 123 and 124 pairs describe their pictures to find differences.
After, look at one picture together, the one on page 123.
Who's Niel?
He's the one in the yellow shirt.
He's the one with the yellow shirt.
He's the one with short, black hair.

Who's Kate?
She's the one wearing a grey skirt.
She's the one talking to Fiona.
She's the woman with short, curly hair.
Who are Patrick and Neil?
They're the ones standing in the corner.
They're the ones talking by the chair.
5 min Access prior knowledge List of verbs

List the past forms of the verbs in a column to the right, after do another colomn to the right for past participles. Use these with "have"
5 min Presentation for/since Teacher says, "How long have you lived here?"
Students respond with for x years or since XXXX year.
Can use either of these options.
Draw timeline on the board to clarify their uses.
Ask a few more questions with
how long have you... studied English?
10 min Converation SS ask each other questions and incorporate "have you..." when appropriate.

Do you play sports? ... How long have you played ...? Have you played baseball? Are you from here? ... How long have you lived here? etc.
Give feedback.
5-10 min Applying present perfect
for recent activities
Recent activities - Have you cooked this week?
Have you reviewed the vocabulary?
Have you cleaned the living room?

Yes, I've already __ it. Yes, I already cleaned it.
No, not yet. No, I haven't cooked yet.
5 min Comparing use of tenses Draw a timeline on the board. Contrast simple past and present perfect.
10 min Form practice P 125 pair interview on lifestyle
5 min Listening P 67 #7
5 min Clarifying use of ever/never Introduce song "have you ever" by Brandy
Ever is optional
Listen to song, what is the song about?
Second listening, what are some of the questions she asks?
10 min Combinging superlatives
with present perfect
Combining have you... with superlatives
For example:
What is the most boring class you have taken?
What is coldest place you have been?
What is the craziest thing you have done?
What is the worst food you've eaten?

Students have 3 min to make a list of questions to ask.
Students ask their questions and share their experiences.
15 min Listening Video of Ellen playing Never have I ever with celebrity.
Students make index card, one side I have, other side I have never
listen to Ellen's questions and student plays along, discuss questions as necessary
5 min Homework P 65 # 3
P 66-7 # 5
P 69 # 12
Listen to the song "Have you ever" by Brandy