Upper Intermediate Lesson 2

Objectives Grammar
  1. Describing abilities and skills
  2. Talking about job preferences
  3. Describing personalities
  1. Gerunds
  2. Short responses
  3. Clauses with because
Print Set Up
  • Working mans PhD by Aaron Tippin
  • Speakers for esl listening track 53
  • Youtube song Aaron Tippin
Time (Min) Objective Procedure
10 min Warm up P 123 pairs practicing first conditional and opinions
10 min HW Pairs share essays from last class
5 min Topic intro What is your dream job?
5 min Listen for comprehension Track 53 ESL, Listen to a conversation, what are they talking about?
5 min Listen for detail What advice does the friend give?
5 min Conversation Pairs: What were your past interviews like?
Do you remember your first interview?
10 min Speaking What do you love about your job?
What do you hate about it?
I love…
I hate…
I'm good at …
I'm not good at …
I don't mind …
I can't stand …
5 min Feedback Pronunciation, vocab, grammar
10 min Pronunciation P 65 # 4 released (followed by vowel sound)
and unreleased /t/ and /d/ (followed by consonant sound)
students practice sentences
15 min Interview
asking and answering questions
P 124 Pairs ask and answer questions for interview. (7 min each)
10 min Song discussion Listen to song Working mans PhD by Aaron Tippin
What is it about?
Listen again with lyrics
Discuss underlined phrases
5 min HW Presentation for next class. Idea: Minimum wage
job market/how to be more competetive
Something related to jobs for 5 minute presentation.
Pay attention to pace, pronunciation, vocabulary, and speaking skills:
eye contact
not reading
clear speech.