Lower Beginning: Lesson 3

Objectives Grammar
  1. Talk about prices
  2. Give opinions
  3. Discussing preferences
  1. Demonstratives (this, that..)
  2. How much and which
    Print Set Up
    • Handout: This that these those practice with clothes
    • bring assortment of clothes: sweater, pants, shirt, sweater, socks, jacket, earrings, bracelette, ring, hat
    • email students listening for HW p 18 #6
    Time (Min) Objective Procedure
    15 Review HW HW P 8 #2
    P 9 #3
    P 12 # 9
    P 13 #12
    Write the habits of a family member.
    10 warm up brainstorming vocabulary in pairs make a list of clothes, what can you wear when it is hot/cold?
    10 this/these and colors Pick up a shirt, say "I like this red shirt"
    Pick up socks, say "I like these brown socks"
    repeat for objects reinforcing this/these.
    Review vocabulary of clothes by asking, What is this?
    10 practice Students in pairs "I like this/these...".
    5 that/those Same vocabulary with "that/those"
    10 practice Students in different pairs "I like this/that"
    5 present how much is/are How much is/are (on board).
    Ask questions for objects create a dialogue:

    How much is this shirt?
    Which one?
    The black one.
    It's $7.
    That's not bad. I'll take it.

    Do again for plural object
    also discuss different reactions to prices:
    That's Ok. That's reasonable. That's cheap. That's expensive.
    10 dialogues Students create dialogues in pairs to present to the class
    5 present dialogues each group presents dialogue.
    extra listening p 18 #6 A and B listen to dialogue
    HW HW P 17 # 3
    P 18 # 6 (if not done in class)
    P 19 # 8
    Handout for this/that/these/those


    Audio pg 18 #6 AListen to two friends shopping. Write the color and price for each item.Link
    audio pg 18 # 6 BListen again. Do they buy the items?Link