Upper Beginning: Lesson 3

Objectives Grammar
  1. Ask about and describe cities
  2. Ask for and give suggestions
  3. Reading comprehension
    1. Adverbs before adj
    2. Conjunctions
    3. Modals can and should
      Print Set Up
      • What makes us happiest about where we live article
      • listening tracks - 4, 9, 10
      • Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYd4zyVEV8Y "Visit City of San Jose California
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      10 Review HW Present perfect sentences for Have you ever?
      P 65 # 3
      P 66-7 # 5
      P 69 # 12
      Listen to the song "Have you ever" by Brandy
      5 accessing prior knowledge ask ss to list words to describe cities/towns
      15 introduce article
      scan article
      Show name of article to ss, "What Makes Us the Happiest About the Places We Live" have ss predict what are the most important factors
      Students then have to scan the article to find what the factors are
      5 adverbs before adjectives use extremely, very, really, pretty, fairly, somewhat, too.
      Use thess in the sentence "It is a __ big city."
      How does meaning change?
      10 speaking adverbs ss use adverbs to describe a place.
      5 feedback Clarify word order, use, pronunciation
      5 using though and however Contrasting ideas. For example:
      It is big, but not too big. It is big; however/though, it is not too big.
      It is big, it is not too big, however/though.
      10 speaking though and however ss continue describing the city but using these words in description.
      5 listening P 74 #4
      5 pronunciation/listening can/can't - should/shouldn't P 76 # 9
      5 detailed listening P 76 # 10
      15 video listening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYd4zyVEV8Y
      living in San Jose
      ss summarize reasons listed to live in San Jose.
      Do they agree? Why or why not?
      HW HW P 73 # 3
      P 75 # 8
      P 77 # 13
      Finish reading the entire article, list 10 new and useful words you find in the article


      Audio pg 74 # 4Listen to Joyce and Nicholas talk about their hometowns. What do they say?Link
      Audio pg 76 # 10 AListen to speakers talk about Japan, Argentina, and Egypt. Complete the chart.Link
      Audio pg 76 # 10 BListen again. One thing about each country is incorrect. What is it?Link
      Audio pg 76 # 9 AListen and practice these statements. Notice how the t in can't and shouldn't is not strongly pronounced.Link
      Audio pg 76 # 9 BListen to four sentences. Which modal verb do you hear?Link