Lower Intermediate: Lesson 3

Objectives Grammar
  1. Describing positive and negative features
  2. Making comparisons
  3. Talking about lifestyle changes
  4. Expressing wishes
    1. Eval and compare with adj: not…enough, too, (not) as…as
    2. Eval and compare with nouns: not enough…, too much/many…, (not) as much/many as…
    3. wish
      Print Set Up
      • Real Estate San Jose WSheet
      • Tuscon worksheet
      • copies of pg 17 book 2 Interchange
      • Youtube video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jeMp0uF1kA "Tuscon: Trailer park living for America's Poor"
      • Email students video link for HW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDC_DAXBG7M "Detroit, The USA's Cheapest Housing"
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      20 Review HW How eating too little is wrecking your health, what other things do they think are too much.
      public transit video review - lobbying.
      indirect questions
      transportation comparison sentences around the world.
      5 Warm up List words you use to describe a house/apartment
      Compare with a partner
      5 transition what kind of housing is there? (list on board) lead them to trailers if not mentioned. Who is able to live in different kinds of housing?
      15 Listen Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jeMp0uF1kA ss list the different people in the video.
      After composing the list on the board give out the handout with questions. Watch the video once more for students to listen for details.
      15 discussion Class discusses the questions in groups or as a class.
      15 relate their experience Ss describe where they lived before, and why they chose to move to their specific house/apartment and not another one.
      5 Wish You may not have your dream house, imagine you bought a house like the one in the video, what would you wish?
      I wish the utilities were free!
      I wish the ceiling were higher.
      5 Practice ss in pairs continue practicing "I wish..."
      HW HW Watch video: Detroit, The USA's Cheapest Housing
      How did she get the house? What is the house like? What difficulties do they have with the house?
      Prepare a presentation showing what normal housing is like in your country or region and compare it to examples of the best living conditions and worst living conditions in your country.