Upper Intermediate: Lesson 3

Objectives Grammar
  1. Talking about landmarks and monuments
  2. Describing countries
  3. Discussing facts
    1. Passive with by (simple past)
    2. Passive without by (simple present)
      Print Set Up
      • Hit and Run WS
      • Passive 2
      • Seven Wonders of the world
      • The Shard
      • Worksheet tenses
      • Listening speakers
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      30 Presentations Each ss has 5 minutes to present on a work/job related topic
      5 Feedback Pace, pronunciation, language
      15 tense and voice choice give ss worksheet on "Hit and run" ss must decide the correct form to put in
      sometimes various forms are fine
      15 clarification read together clarify any tense decisions
      10 tense clarification if needed, passive voice verb tense worksheet
      5 listening P 74 # 6
      extra time speak ss talk about another famous place in passive
      HW HW Worksheet choose between active or passive voice in the past "Seven Wonders"
      Passive 2 Worksheet, change active sentences into passive
      Essay using passive voice write about cultural things that make up parts of your country, such as books, buildings, songs, poetry, movies, etc.


      audio pg 74 # 6 (int)Listen to three tour guides describe some very old monuments. Take notes to answer the questions.Link