Lower Beginning: Lesson 1

Objectives Grammar
  1. Ss will be able to introduce themselves and a friend
  2. SWBAT check information by asking a question
  3. SWBAT exchange personal info
  4. SWBAT say hello and goodbye
    1. Wh questions and statements with be
    2. Qs with what where who and how (assuming they know)
    3. Yes/no qs and short answers with be
    4. Subject pronouns (assuming they know)
    5. Possessive adjectives (assuming they know)
      Print Set Up
      • famous people doc
      • greetings handout
      • info gap people copies
      • webpages: youtube Oprah
      • youtube beatles song
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      10 Differences of greetings, when to use Brainstorm on board different ways to say Hello. Formal vs informal
      Students get up and greet each other.
      10 Differences of saying bye Brainstorm on board different ways to say bye. Formal vs informal.
      Write on board:
      "... I’m sorry, what’s your name again?
      ... but I need to go. I’m late!

      Students must get up and do complete conversation, Example:
      hi, how are you? good and you? Fine. I'm sorry, I need to go. Oh, see you later. Bye.
      - - On board: Name from job
      What’s your name? Where’re you from? What do you do?
      What’s your nickname? What is ____ like?
      5 feedback address grammar issues heard in interaction
      2 assess pronunciation ss ask me these questions
      drill pronunciation if needed
      Answer questions
      10 speak - I/he/she pairs ask each other these questions
      after ss presents pair to group
      5 feedback grammar needs to be addressed, pronunciation
      5 he/she qs Show picture of Oprah
      Elicit questions by pointing to ones on board
      Who is that/she?

      Show a clip on youtube of Oprah talk show if needed
      Oprah: Mississipi, a retired talk show host, 62 (2016)
      Obama: Hawaii, president, 55
      Michael Jordan: NYork, a retired professional basketball player, 53
      Beatles: Liverpool, UK, a band, 74 Paul,76 Ringo- John & George dead

      Use other pictures of people if necessary to practice as a class.
      15 information gap questions different partner, Ask questions to find information about people. You have different information than your partner.
      5 Feedback grammar, pronunciation
      optional practice If need more practice: book p2 #1, #5
      extra time yes/no qs On board: Is ... from ...?
      No, ....

      Questions to ask:
      _, are you from California?
      Is our English class in the afternoon?
      Are our books open?
      Are our books closed?
      Is ... from ...?
      Are ... and ...from ...?

      In pairs come up with 4 Y/N questions.
      Pairs combine with another group to ask others the q’s
      HW HW Book: P 3-4 #5 A, B
      P 5 #8 A, B, C
      P 7 #12 A, B
      Preview vocab p 8-9