Upper Beginning: Lesson 1

Objectives Grammar
  1. Asking about and describing people’s appearance
  2. Identifying people
  3. Comparing people (chp 14 for places)
  4. Asking about measurements
    1. Qs for describing people
    2. Comparatives/superlatives
    3. How far, big, tall, hot, high…
      Print Set Up
      • syllabus
      • personality handout
      • 1st page super/comp
      • listening pg 60 #4 A and B
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      5 Intro On board: Describe yourself: name, height, eyes, hair, age, from, family
      Give example of introduction
      Pairs do same
      2 Feedback Give feedback on language.
      10 questions Tell them, I have a sister. You want to know more information about her appearance.
      On board: What does she look like?
      How tall...?
      How long is...?
      What color ...?
      Does she wear...?
      10 Speaking ss ask and answer questions about a family member or friend.
      Refer to pages 58-59
      2 Feedback Review language issues
      5 Speaking listening If room, game where 1 person is in the middle, I love my neighbor who..., all those people must switch places, including the person in the middle. Leaves one person without a spot, they come up with a sentence about appearance, repeat.
      Alternative, describe a person in the room, others must guess who it is in pairs.
      10 Listening p 60 4A&B
      In pairs describe people.
      Listening A 1st time, just listen.
      2nd time, order them.
      Check with partner.
      Listening B 3rd time
      Check as class
      6 prior knowledge Think-Pair-Share. First individually write down some adjectives that describe things/people: big, beautiful, interesting.
      Then compare with a partner.
      Then list as a class on board.
      5 Comparitives Comparing people 2

      More ... than or ...-er than
      She is taller than I am.
      We are more intelligent than they are.

      Good – Better
      Bad - Worse
      5 Superlatives Same adjectives with comparatives together.
      5 Practice P 60 compare people in image 4 in pairs.
      10 Practice Places - adjectives: deep, high, wide, old, beautiful, small, tall,
      Which is deeper, a puddle or a pond?
      Which is the deepest, a puddle, an ocean, or a lake?
      Students think of similar questions to ask, individually, then split into groups or pairs to share.
      Students share one question per group to class.
      5 Explain HW Personality handout - categorize, then write 10 sentences 5 comp, 5 superl;
      Super/compar handout page 1 same thing as other handout.
      5 - Give syllabus, discuss expectations, any level changes necessary?
      HW HW Personalities handout, and superlatives/comparatives handout + write 5 comparatives and 5 superlatives for each handout. Book: p 59 # 3 A , # 6 A
      P 93 # 3 A, B
      P 96-7 # 11 and 12
      Other book work optional and helpful.


      Audio pg 60 # 4 AListen to the descriptions of people. Number them in order.Link
      audio pg 60 # 4 BListen again, how old are they?Link