Upper Beginning: Lesson 4

Objectives Grammar
  1. Health problems
  2. Ask and give advice
  3. Make requests
  4. Ask and give suggestions
    1. Adj + inf
    2. Noun + inf
    3. Modals could and should for suggestions
    4. Modals can, could, may for requests
      Print Set Up
      • quiz
      • problems to cut out for advice
      • Remedies handout
      • stress handout
      • very document
      • doctor's advice
      • listening track 10
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      10 Review HW P 73 # 3
      P 75 # 8
      P 77 # 13
      Finish reading the entire article, list 10 new and useful words you find in the article
      30 quiz Give short quiz to students
      10 stress for ss who finish quiz earlier give them stress and very handouts. What stresses them? To what degree?
      5 previous knowledge Why do people visit the doctor? Health problems?
      List on the board.
      List other health problems that people have and don't go to the doctor for.
      If list is small refer ss to pg 78
      10 ask and give advice What should I do...?
      More ways to ask for advice...
      What would you do if..?
      What do you recommend for ...?
      What should I do ...?

      If I were you I would...
      You can/could/should...
      You need to...
      You have to ...
      5 general statements It's important to...
      It's helpful to...
      It's a good idea to...

      What to do for a cold, sunburn, sore muscles?
      5 Listening p 82 #10
      10 ask and give advice doctors advice handout go over as a class
      15 advice in other contexts cut out problems students must take one and offer advice for that problem
      extra reading P 83 # 13
      HW HW Remedies article, what things are new to them, which do they use? Do they have a different home remedy?
      P 79 # 3
      P 80 # 6 and #7
      P 81 # 9
      P 82 #12
      P 83 # 13 (if not done in class)


      P 82 # 10Listen to four people talk to a pharmacist. What is each person's problem. Listen again. What does the pharmacist suggest for each person?Link