Lower Intermediate: Lesson 4

Objectives Grammar
  1. Broadening global knowledge with presentations
  2. clarifying present perfect and past simple
    1. simple past vs present perfect
      Print Set Up
      • Have you ever questions, cut into strips
      • Have you ever song lyrics by Brandy
      • quiz
      • Youtube Never have I ever Ellen with Johnny Depp and 2 others (link in lesson)
      • Index cards for all students
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      ~30 Review HW presentations at most 5 min per student, encouraged to ask presenter questions at the end
      video: Detroit video and questions, discuss and clarify.
      30 Written quiz Write responses to the questions given
      10 present perfect use for life experience When all are finished with quiz, have them ask pair questions "have you..?" and respond with follow up questions.
      5 feedback clarify use of present perfect vs past simple with timeline on the board.
      15 min Listening Video of Ellen playing Never have I ever with celebrity.
      Students make index card, one side I have, other side I have never
      listen to Ellen's questions and student plays along, discuss questions as necessary
      extra present perfect continue playing similar game with flashcards of I have or I have never but with strips of phrases of have you ever questions. A student takes one and reads it to the class and all show their reaction.
      HW HW
      Questions you would ask a potential babysitter using "have you"
      Song - Have you ever by Brandy listen
      Next class at least a page persuasive essay on a topic important to you. Examples: technology use, child care, health, etc. At least a page