Upper Intermediate: Lesson 4

Objectives Grammar
  1. Cultural places descriptions
  2. cultural vacations
    1. idioms with music
    2. passive review
    3. Modals can and should
      Print Set Up
      • copies of book 142-147
      • listening tracks - 39 and 38
      • Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAHo1QngWLQ "San Francisco tourist pitfalls"
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      15 Review HW review rest of HW of Passives
      ss read partners essay then summarize it
      5 prior knowledge what are touristic places in the USA that people go to? Why?
      Good places for Museums?
      5 read p 143-4 to yourself
      5 listen/read read aloud to class, they follow along
      At end go back and address bold vocabulary words and others they may have
      10 conversation Ask about museums in their countries as a class discussion, what are they like, are they popular?
      5 listening track 39 - listen to a conversation about a trip, where are they going?
      Listen again, what are their plans during the trip?
      Listen again and read with listening.
      10 vocabulary Look at the vocabulary list on p 145-6
      Which words do you think would be most useful to you?
      Are there words that are new?
      Which words will you probably not use?

      For the more useful ones, create one or two sentences to use them in with a partner.
      20 video listening What do you know about places and things to visit in San Francisco? Do you have any tips or advice?
      "San Francisco tourist pitfalls"
      What does he recommend?
      Watch all the way through once.
      Go through bit by bit and discuss/clarify what is happening.
      5 listening track 38 - What plans does Lia have for her visitor?
      HW HW Presentation - you must convice others to visit a certain attraction/place, choose something you like and think others will like, describe why we should go there over other places, what we can do/see there.
      give other passive HW sheet 2 from last week


      American English track 38planning a tripLink
      American English track 39seeing the capitalLink