Upper Intermediate: Lesson 5

Objectives Grammar
  1. gestures
  2. proverbs
    1. passive review
      Print Set Up
      • proverbs
      • na
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      15 Review HW Passives, reading and listening from American ESL book
      40 Presentations After each allow for follow up questions
      15 body language do expression have ss translate it's different meanings and ss tell if they have equivalents
      knock on wood
      I love you
      fingers crossed - luck and lying
      rock on
      come here
      I don't know/care
      shoot me now
      call me
      it went over my head
      be quiet
      you're dead
      don't shoot, relax
      get the bill
      snap snap
      go away
      blah blah
      rubbing hands in anticipation
      30 proverb discussion give list of proverbs to ss. Ask ss to skim them and mark ones they are familiar with, ones they have similar sayings for in their language, and which one they like the most.
      Share together as a group.
      HW HW Writing - choose 3 proverbs you think are important and give examples as to why they are important. You can also write about proverbs you know from your culture, explain them and why they're important.