Lower Beginning: Lesson 5

Objectives Grammar
  1. Discussing preferences
  2. making invitations and excuses
    1. yes/no questions
    2. would
    3. verb to verb
      Print Set Up
      • cut verb phrases for would you like to
      • 2 do/does handouts
      • chart.ss.mingle
      • listening speakers p 25 #7
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      10 Review HW p 20 #10
      p 21 #12
      p 30 # 1
      Family tree worksheet of Simpsons
      Write your own family tree, write one sentence for each family member comparing them to someone else
      Comparison worksheet
      10 Questions with do formation Present ss with statements: I like country music. I play basketball. I have a sister. I drink tea.
      transform them into questions Do you like.. etc.
      Transform one more time for third person singular questions relating to their family members from their homework.
      review short answers: Yes/no I do/don't.
      Yes/no (s)he does/doesn't.
      10 Worksheet controlled practice Do/does practice handout as class or individual then compare together.
      10 free practice Using their family trees they did as homework, ss ask others questions about their families such as:
      Does your mother cook?
      Does your sister study?
      Does your cousin play tennis?
      ss replies with short answers.
      10 speaking questions students walk around and interview classmates to fill in information in charts
      10 Listening P 25 # 7 People talk about what they like, must write down information. (find alternative video)
      5 offering - would you like Do you want to see a movie tonight?
      different way to say, nicer:
      Would you like to see a movie tonight?
      Would you like = do you want.

      Highlight difference between would you like to ... and would you like a ...
      5 accepting - turning down invitations Have a list of verbs for students to make would you like to invitations
      they ask would you like to...?
      respond with yes and no.
      demonstrate possibilities of reactions.
      Yes I would.
      Yes, I'd love to.
      I'd like to, but I have/need/want to...

      Point out before inviting someone you should ask if they are busy and if they like the activity before inviting.
      15 speaking using prompts of activities cut out into strips, ss continue asking further, combination of,
      Do you like...? then followed with:
      Would you like to ...? questions
      HW HW P 22 # 2
      P 23 # 4
      P 26 # 9
      P 27 # 12
      Writing: write about what your family does.
      Example: My mom cooks. She doesn't work. She reads many books and articles.
      She has a cat.
      The cat's name is Julio.
      My dad works.
      My dad likes to watch sports.
      My dad walks a lot.


      p 25 # 7 audiolisten to what the people likeLink