Lower Intermediate: Lesson 1

Objectives Grammar
  1. Introduce self
  2. exchange personal info of the past
  3. Asking about other's past
    1. simple past
    2. used to
    3. to be used to
      Print Set Up
      • Syllabus
      • Handout speaking past pairs
      • song Used to lyrics
      • Chicken soup for the soul pages 6-7
      • handout grammar and homework
      • Speakers
      • Internet youtube song: Used to by Daughtry
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      15 Introductions On board: name, from, occupation, family
      in pairs ss ask info on board
      then students present their partner to the group
      ss switch partners
      go over handout questions together to ensure understanding
      One thing both can do well
      One thing both did last week
      One thing you did yesterday but your partner did not
      one thing you do every week but your partner doesn't
      One thing you both dislike doing

      share as a class
      5 Clarification from notes taken during speech, address some of the language heard. Pronunciation, grammar

      5 clarify qs in past form Clarify as a class how to ask qs in past.
      Start with question in the present, do you play a sport?
      How to ask it in the past? Two ways to ask.
      Did you play a sport ....when you were a kid/ yesterday/ before?
      10 asking questions in the past give students questions to ask each other in pairs
      listen and clarify any issues.
      Encourage students to ask additional questions
      share one answer with class.
      5 feedback clarify use of past questions and answers if necessary

      5 min present Used to Bring up asking questions in the past again, but this time for past habits that are no longer habits how to ask?
      Can say: Did you play soccer as a kid?
      But this limits the time frame to when they were a kid
      Can ask: Did you use to play a soccer?
      Go over answers: I used to, I didn't use to, I never used to
      15 used to questions Give list of Used to statements, each ss reads them then marks if that is true for themselves. Then they write three more statements about themselves.
      ss pair up and discuss each, then discuss if the change is a good or bad one in their opinion.
      10 contrast with to be used to A similar phrasing that has a different meaning, uses be, I am used to, you are used to, he is used to...
      This means you are accustomed to, it is not a problem or difficult for you now. If you are in the process of it being less of a problem, people say I am getting used to, we are getting used to...
      Give ss to be used to sheet, review together.
      How can we use these? heat/cold. I am not used to the cold because I live in California, it is not very cold here. I am used to the heat.
      elicit examples from students for others.

      Transition, Are you used to listening to music in English?
      transition to daughtry song.
      5 song pre-listening We are going to listen to a song called Used to.
      Give handout
      On the right, there are some definitions, the phrases are in the song and are lighter, not completely black. Use those words to fill in the blanks.
      at the bottom they give you the opposites of the words in the song.
      ss take a few minutes to fill those out.
      check together as a class.
      10 listening Now we will listen to the song, we will listen a few times.
      Listen as needed
      Discuss parts of song, meaning of phrases.
      HW HW handout and reading Chicken Soup for the soul story, used to can also use would for past habitual descriptions, identify the woulds in the story, can used to be used here as well? Think of a short description to share next class of how your parents acted with you as a child.
      If time ask ss to fill out first block of syllabus, also address any level changes