Upper Intermediate: Lesson 1

Objectives Grammar
  1. Past,present,future contrasts
  2. Talking about evolution and change of life
  3. listen and understand one man's opinion on evolution of monsters
    1. review tenses
    2. first conditional
    3. modal might
      Print Set Up
      • b2 P58
      • sci-fi listening handout
      • youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLZWYpXze-M "Sci-Fi Monsters: Past, Present, Future. Star Talk" by national geographic
      Time (Min) Objective Procedure
      15 Intro On board:
      Past – Present – Future: From, job, study, hobbies, other..
      Give example:

      I am Jasmine. I used to live in Igo, CA. I have lived in San Jose for a year. It is a very expensive place to live so I will probably move again. I used to study Spanish. I still use Spanish now. I might forget Spanish if I stop using it. I taught English in Peru and Colombia for three years. I am working and studying here in San Jose. I'm going to continue teaching English to adults and I might also teach Spanish. I used to play basketball in high school. Now, I play on the weekend with my boyfriend. If I have children, I will play basketball with them.

      ss do same in pairs if more than 3 students, if 2 as a class.
      2 Feedback Give feedback on language.
      10 might - future degrees of certainty in the future: will, going to , might.
      10 Discussion Give ss a copy of p58
      ss discuss which development they think is the most important, why?
      give feedback on forms they used to describe past, present, future

      10 pre-listening ss will now listen to a man talk about an interest of his, sci-fi monsters.
      Have students list some sci-fi monsters.
      What do you think he will say about the past, present and future of them?
      5 Listening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLZWYpXze-M
      "Sci-Fi Monsters: Past, Present, Future. Star Talk" by national geographic.
      Play one time through. Check on comprehension. Play again if necessary
      Point out vocabulary he uses:
      I think it all started with...
      I'm not sure what might come next...
      We're still riding that...
      I don't see them fading away anytime soon.
      I have no idea...
      How the present might influence the future...
      10 Discussion What topics are they interested in? Can they tell us about the past/present/future of their interest?
      if not, some suggestions: education, entertainment, shopping, housing, food, sports, fashion, ...
      5 first conditional influencing future, Health: I will stay fit if I exercise every day. If I eat less sugar, I will feel better....
      students continue giving more situations. Be sure that situations are realistic, if not differentiate with the second conditional
      10 first conditional practice writing and speaking 2. MURPHY’S LAW
      Ask students if they have ever heard about Murphy’s Law. Explain that Murphy’s Law states that if something bad can happen, it’ll happen. Elicit an example of Murphy’s Law.

      Example: what happens if you are in a supermarket waiting to pay and you change lines? The line you were in before will move faster.

      Divide the class into two groups and ask the group to write five sentences using the first conditional in the humorous context of Murphy’s Laws. Allow 5 minutes for this step.

      Groups take it in turns to read the beginning of their sentences Ex “If I don’t take an umbrella, ….”. The other group has to guess the words to complete the sentence (they have two opportunities). If they do, they score one point.

      read your own sentences and asking both groups to try to guess the ending and so getting more points for their team.
      10 Syllabus and HW Give syllabus, ask for suggestions on any topics they would like to focus on. HW - create an essay about the evolution of an interest of yours. Where is it from/origins of this? How has it changed? What changes do you think it will undergo in the future?