Individual lessons vary greatly depending on the learner's goals, needs, and interests. Lessons are usually discussions based off of experiences, readings, videos, or songs. Additional attention to form, pronunciation, listening, writing, or test preparation can be incorporated at the student's will. However, written work will be done outside of lessons to optimize speaking practice during the lesson.

If you are considering taking lessons, having clear goals will help you advance in your language abilities. Evaluate your motivations for learning the language and communicate those to me so I can help you achieve your goals.

My goal as a teacher is to guide you and give you feedback on your language use. I am there to clarify and provide opportunities to practice and use the language. Furthermore, language is not just simply saying the correct thing, it is also knowing when, how and to whom to say certain things. Thus, cultural aspects are also addressed in lessons.

Constant feedback from the student will be asked for to ensure they are receiving the services they expect.